Sewer Gas

  Sewer gas control is one of the primary reasons behind the initial development of the Plumbing Code. Sewer gas (A KNOWN CARCINOGEN) is an unhealthy, bacteria laden, flammable gas given off by the decomposition of feces and other organic wastes. Sewer pipes and drain lines are filled with it. Sewer gas is a killer. Every year numerous people lose their lives, suffocated, sickened or poisoned by sewer gas. The plumbing inside of a building is supposed to be gas and water tight. The plumbing fixtures inside of a building are supposed to be protected with a p-trap. The p-trap fills with water and forms a barrier between the living space and the sewer gas inside of the drain lines. Such is not always the case.

     We had a customer with an older building. He was having trouble keeping tenants because the building just stunk, He had called every plumber in the phone book and had spent a ton of money trying to fix the problem (replacing p-traps pokies 88 and resetting toilets), to no avail. He finally made it to Haley Plumbing in the phone book and we went to the building to check out the problem. Upon arrival, it was easy to determine that sewer gas was the culprit. Finding the source was a different matter. Although sewer gas oft times has a pungent aroma, it is intermittent and colorless. The odor would appear one day and be gone in a few hours or days. After studying the problem, we devised a method and built a machine to locate these sewer gas leaks. We built a carbureizing machine that would create harmless smoke and pump it into the sewer system under pressure. This machine pressurized the sewer piping with a visible gas so a plumber could now see the leaks. The test found an improperly glued joint on a PVC pipe and several places where the drywaller had shot screws into a vent pipe. After making repairs we retested the system and found it to be holding tight. Problem solved, tenants are happy, and the public is now safe when they enter the building. Since inventing the process we have used the machine to find and repair leaks in homes, strip malls, and even a 16 story building with a 100% success rate.

     So, if you suspect or at times smell sewer gas in your home or office, call the experts at Haley Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment for one of our plumbers to perform a PowerDyne smoke test on your building. You can then breath easier knowing your home and family are safe from the dangerous effects of sewer gas invading the home.